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Control Room Phone No : 100

     In Kochi City the Police Control Room started functioning from 07.11.1992 in pursuance of G.O. (M.S) 570 /Home/92 dated 07.01.1992. The Control Room is functioning on the first floor of Ernakulam  Town  South Police Station building at Thevara. The  jurisdiction of Police Control Room ,Kochi  City 311.47 Sq. Kms ie,  Kochi Corporation, Thripunithura, Kalamassery, Maradu Municipalities and Thrikkakara Udayamperoor, Cheranelloor, Eloor, Mulavukad, Kumbalam, Kumbalngy, Chellanam and part of Vadavukodu, Puthrnkuriz Panchayaths. There are 27 Police Stations limits come under the area of Police Control Room.
The High tech Police Control Room was inaugurated on 13-06-2010. The new Police Control Room has been functioning with a GPS based automated DIAL 100 system connected with 10 CDAC monitors. The new system helps to attend all calls without call waiting facility. The Control Room vehicles can be located from the Control Room itself, and can give directions to Control Room vehicles then and there.



Dial ‘100’ System
               The other important installation in the Control Room is “Dial 100 system” installed by CDAC. This is a computer based dial system. In this system the call received at the Dial System 100, the telephone connected with computer will show the number and recorded the information and time. All calls to the phone No. 100 are free of cost. The Number is very familiar to all peoples and they use the number for their necessities. All call to ‘100’ should be attended properly.


  Traffic/  Security Cameras.
                In the operation of Control Room, the inside monitoring system have an important role. The City will be monitored round the clock by Traffic and security cameras. That should be monitored then and there. They can identify the chain snatchers, Motor vehicle thieves, wandering criminals. Petty offenders,  Traffic Rules violators etc. The trained Police personals on duty in the security cameras can easily identify these offenders and give information to the CRVs, Mobiles and Romeos who are available in that area.  Now the installation of cameras in 1st phase, 2nd phase and 3rd phase were completed. In the Ist phase there were 38 Cameras, in the 2nd phase 55 cameras and in the 3rd phase 6 cameras installed at various 35 junctions in Kochi City. Now thus there are 99 cameras have been installed so far. 
     The High resolution (Mega pixel) camera system installed in the roads will capture the image with higher resolution can identify persons/ objects. The CMOS sensor based Mega Pixel cameras will capture the images even in the low light and get good color images at night.        
     Apart from these 12 No’s of loud speakers were fixed at 12 important junctions for giving information’s to the public regarding road blocks, traffic  violations etc. All these equipment were installed by Keltron Company as per the orders of PHQ .No H6 (b) 51099/08 dated 18/02/2009. 
One video wall installed by C-DAC on 12-03-2010 in collaboration with Keltron.  The entire City can be viewed through the cameras and LCD monitors and video wall.

Safe Kochi – Secure Kochi project
In connection with the Safe Kochi – Secure Kochi project with the help of private institutions, a total of 199 cameras were installed in the premises of the various institutions of Kochi city.

VHF Communication

     The wireless communication has an important role for the operation of Police Control Room. At present ‘3’ communication systems had installed in Control Room. The 1st one is channel- 5, the main communication with Police Stations, District Police Chief, other superior Police Officers etc. The 2nd thing is channel-6. This channel is exclusively for Traffic Control. The 3rd channel is HF. All these communication system will be operated simultaneously.

Duty Officers
     At present the SI/ASI/Gr.SI/Gr.ASI are detailed for duty officers in the Control room in each shift. He will monitor all the activities in the Control Room like communication of VHF message, attending of telephones, monitoring of cameras etc. Control Room is the prime place to receive the information. He should categorize the information/ messages and gives proper directions.

Control Room Vehicles
     The Control Room has been functioning with the help of 11 Nos of Control Room Vehicles and One KRL flying.  The Control Room vehicles are being located at different places of Kochi City as per the directions issued from this office. The Control Room Vehicle operates round the clock as a turn in 12 Hrs each. The service of Control Room vehicles and staff are used to manage the emergency situations like law and order problems, Natural Calamities, Fire Hazards, VVIP visits and traffic control etc.
As the introduction of the new system the Police assistance to the people will get within 5 minutes and the general public had appreciated the performance of Police Control Room. More over the general public have a feeling of security and presence of Police at any time in Kochi City.

 Highway Police (K26) is running in between Aroor to Muttam and it has an important role in reducing accidents in the NH 47. In addition to this a Speed Lazar Radar vehicle is also running in the   NH-47. By operation of this vehicle accident in the Highway due to over speed can be reduced.
GPS has been installed at all Control Room Vehicles and High Police vehicle.

Vanitha Help Line
 Functioning of Vanitha Help Line at Police Control Room, Kochi city has been started since 10.05.2012 with toll free facility number 1091 vide order PHQ letter No.S8/5043/2012 dated 17.01.2012 and 23.01.2012. A separate Vanitha Help Line jeep is also allotted for the functioning of Vanitha Help Line.

Senior Citizen Help Line
Function of Senior Citizen Help Line has started at Police Control Room, Kochi city vide order No.G1(b) 37960/12/EC dated 21.09.2012 with toll free facility number 1800-425-3550.

City police has got a separate division for taking care of the senior citizens of the city. Any senior citizen having any sense of insecurity can call up 100 and request for help. There will be frequent patrolling by flying squad on those places or house.


The Control Room has provided hotline services for all banks in the city limits. All the banks can have direct connection with the Control Room in case of emergency. Similar hotline is also in existence with the Kochi International Airport.

The Control Room also provides information on request through telephone.

It also functions as a Crime Stopper Cell since information related to crime is accepted here without having to disclose the informant’s identity. Such secret messages can be conveyed at the toll-free telephone number 1090. The complaint will be registered in the Control Room computer and the Police Commissioner will take care of the problem.


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